The Importance of Building Better Passwords

Good password hygiene is one of the easiest ways for businesses and consumers to protect their accounts from the millions of attacks threatening personal data every day. Unfortunately, many people continue to use and reuse the same simple, easily-guessable passwords that have plagued accounts practically since the inception of digital login credentials.

For instance, despite being a veritable internet meme, passwords like “12345” and “password” were still some of the most common selections in 2019. Incredibly, it’s estimated that nearly three-quarters of all passwords are duplicates, which can have costly consequences across many accounts and put valuable personal or company data at risk.

At ID Agent, we’ve combed the Dark Web, hacker forums, and other malicious environments, searching for user behavior trends that contribute to today’s poor password usage. Keep reading to learn what we’ve uncovered about password trends and see how you can protect yourself and your organization from being caught in the midst.

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