Ransomware on the Rise An Increased Need For IT Security

We at Millennium take IT Security very seriously. We believe in being proactive with our clients and discussing the importance of having a reliable cyber safety strategy enforced at all times.

Recently, we’ve experienced higher volumes of customers being hit by ransomware and phishing scams. We tend to address any security issues we see upon onboarding new customers, and we ask to perform consistent reviews to continue best servicing and protecting our customers. Although it is optional, we do make recommendations according to what our techs feel are important tasks in securing and protecting your business and data.

With that said, we wanted to recap on an event that happened recently with one of our customers that were hit by ransomware. Months leading up to the cyber-attack, the customer had declined our recommendations to assist in properly securing their business and their data. Our team of tech engineers had made recommendations based on discoveries of weak points in their systems; areas where hackers may easily get in and steal their data. We have partnerships with companies that provide products for backing up ALL data, security end point protection, phishing detection, multi-factor authentication and other advanced tools. Shortly after declining our recommendations, they were hit with a multi-million dollar ransom. Since then, we’ve now helped setup better security measures based off of our initial recommendations. We understand that budgeting is important, and that sometimes the “insurance” of having the right security protocol in place takes the back seat, but Millennium advises that all our customers have IT Budgets so that they can accommodate for what we feel are NECESSARY security measures. Yes, it might be a pain, but it’s best to be prepared and stop the cyber-attacks before they happen rather than pay a hefty ransom, expose your data, and then end up paying for the security solutions after-the-fact.

Basic anti-virus software won’t cut it anymore. If wanting a full security assessment done of your business environment, Millennium specializes in this area, and would happy to perform a security assessment for your business. We believe in 24×7 security monitoring and protection, and we are here to make sure if there is any exposure to your business, that we find it before an attack, and we provide a solution that will reduce the risk of a deadly cyber-attack.

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