Java Holdings

The Challenge

Java Holdings (Java) is a food and merchandise liquidator. Because some of the products they buy are short coded food, it is important to distribute Sales Sheets to current and potential customers as quickly as possible.

Preparing Sales Sheets was historically time consuming for staff, management, and logistics support. Java wanted to automate this process to reach potential customers more quickly and efficiently.


MBSG developed automation to streamline the workflow. The automation extracts data from Java’s ERP software (Acctivate). Then, it creates and emails Sales Sheets — based on customer locations, warehouse locations, product availability, specials, and other factors. 

With this automation, Java can now send Sales Sheets for more items, to more customers, more often — at greatly reduced cost and lead time.

Per CEO David Fox.

Thanks to the automated Sales Sheets, sales are now over $100,000 per week.