Here are five easy things you can do to protect your business today.

1. Have a backup that is stored in an off-site location (we recommend Datto)
2. Setup multi-factor on your employee emails (we recommend this feature in Office 365). Also setup multi-factor on any remote access into the office (we recommend  ).
3. Train employees on how to spot fake emails trying to trick them (we recommend our Employee Cybersecurity training).
4. Windows Patching is really important: Automate the install and audit of Windows Updates (we recommend Datto RMM agents)
5. Anti-Virus software is no longer effective; it’s time to upgrade (we recommend NexGen Security from SentinelOne).

Next Step: Familiarize yourself with the term Zero-Trust Security.

“Zero-Trust” is a perspective on security that assumes that hackers are already trying to steal your data. An infected PC is watching everything all employees are doing and stealing all your information. They’re even recording your logins and passwords.
Millennium offers MSP and Security Services without the contracts most large security companies require. We typically save our clients thousands over their previous technology service providers.

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