Windy Hill Food Group

"Prior to MBSG-IT, we had an expensive fixed-fee monthly service agreement with an MSP that routinely over-promised and under-delivered. It was costing us a lot of money. Things were so bad I did not feel comfortable taking a vacation, because I had to micro manage everything they did."
Alexis Lawrence, Director of Operations

The Challenge

Windy Hill Food Group is food/meat distributor based out of Santa Clarita, California. The business had worked with different IT providers previously, but the same issues occurred routinely, and disrupted daily operations.

WH previously paid for IT Services based on a contract model. Despite being promised comprehensive coverage, they were often told that specific problems weren’t covered under their flat flee contract. Their monthly fee just for their previous IT Provider to be available was $5,000. Even with the added charges to solve recurring problems, a large part of Alexis’s day was still devoted to making sure WH’s IT infrastructure was functional. Employee workstations were not online at various locations; employees did not have access to data they needed. Alexis gave feedback to her provider, but projects still weren’t completed correctly. Alexis and her team felt there was no honesty, efficiency or reliability from their provider.

Alexis then started her search for alternative IT Services – a company with more responsiveness, transparency, and internal project management to be their IT Business Partner. She found MBSG for their outsourced IT Support, Business Continuity/Data Recovery services, and constant, pro-active remediation of system vulnerabilities.

The Solution

When MBSG became the sole IT Provider for WH, a formal MBSG IT Assessment was run. The results included inventory of hardware and warranties, inventory of software, and a list of users and passwords. MBSG took initiative and fixed items that WH hadn’t been told were interfering with daily operations. Alexis (Director of Operations) said, “MBSG is honest, upfront, professional, candid and ALWAYS very responsive to WH’s needs.”

Since switching, WH has peace of mind regarding the reliability of their technology. As Alexis put it, she “doesn’t have to think about IT anymore,” and can focus on daily operations. Unlike her previous provider, MBSG does not require on-site supervision for various after-hours projects, and to Alexis, “it feels amazing to no longer feel like [she] has to micromanage.” WH’s expensive and vague monthly service contract was eliminated entirely. WH has no monthly service contract, and is billed on an ‘as-needed’ basis when tools are recommended or issues arise. “The savings are significant, and we are so grateful for MBSG.”


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