Optimum Performance Institute (OPI)

The Challenge

Client was using custom software to schedule transportation, meeting rooms and appointments for the young adults in their care. The software was clumsy to use and unreliable. Delivering participants on time to scheduled appointments was a challenge. Problems included:

Client asked MBSG to find or design a better system.


Synchronizing Vans, Rooms and People is now easy and reliable.

Drivers use smartphones to see who to pickup, when, and where to take them. ‘Traffic Control’ administrators have the tools to know when spaces are available in vans and rooms. Easy to update. Participants can see their upcoming schedules, including notes and any materials they need to bring. The new system uses proven software, no longer hostage to specific individuals. Everyone receives changes automatically. Calendars and schedules now integrated for Operations, Management, and Professional staff. The new system eliminated 50% of a full-time position, while business volume increased! This Traffic Control system is one of several projects where MBSG helped OPI automate workflow and cut costs.

“The MBSG Team is one of our greatest assets. We could not operate to full potential without them”.