Barefoot Dreams

The Challenge

Barefoot Dreams was having difficulty with their old phone system – everything from sound quality to upkeep being very time-consuming. End-users started moving between a number of different buildings which required expensive site visits by the local telephone dealer each time. In addition, the costs associated with landlines were quite exorbitant.

When running a business, inconsistency with phones will negatively impact workflow efficiency and customer service.


Barefoot Dreams brought their phone system concerns to MBSG’s attention. VOIP Systems often yield substantially better results – from the quality of calls to reducing costs. Switching their lines and phones over to an Internet Based System gave them more features, click-to-dial integrations with all of their current apps and built-in conference and meeting software. Warehouse staff could install the RingCentral app on their cell phones for follow-me-anywhere connectivity. When the pandemic hit California, RingCentral provided more reliable work-from-home capabilities. End-users just picked up their laptops and RingCentral phones and went home to continue working.

With RingCentral, employees can answer calls from the office, home office or an app on their cellphones while traveling. This opened the ability to work wherever, whenever and offered the reliability they needed to run their business efficiently.

Client Testimonial:

We are so lucky to have been introduced to Ring Central and had implementation completed pre COVID shutdown. Ring Central enabled Barefoot Dreams to continue operating seamlessly from any location. Our entire team communicates as if we are in the same building yet we are all many miles apart (even across the country). An interesting fact is that we converse with the top law firms and PR companies in Los Angeles. They have been in awe with Ring Central and prefer us to schedule their calls because of the reliability and connection quality experienced with Ring Central. We are very satisfied with Ring Central but even more so with MBSG and the support they provide to Barefoot Dreams.”

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